Redundant Energy Supply at Power Plant 1

Freeport Electric, the Village of Freeport’s power authority, owns and maintains power generation and distribution infrastructure throughout the Village. This project involves the purchase of a new diesel or natural gas generator with “black
start” capability, the ability to restart a generator after a blackout without the use of an external power source, to replace
an outdated diesel generator located at Freeport Power Plant I. Freeport’s Power Plant I is a highly valued critical
facility in the Community, seeing as it is only one of two power plants that provide power for the 43,000+ Village of
Freeport residents. The installation of a “black start” generator will enable Freeport Electric to kick start other generators
located in Power Plant I and II if a blackout occurs or if there is a system wide shut down. The “black start” generator
provides redundancy in the power generation system by allowing for electricity to be generated by either oil or natural