Freeport Schools Go Fiber

Excerpt from an Article in the Freeport School Newspaper

Freeport has secured a fiber optic ring that allows for much greater transmission of information throughout the schools, is less expensive than the standard "T1 lines," and opens the door to utilizing the newest technology on the market.

We have taken the opportunity to connect to Freeport Electric's fiber optic ring. The ring's many benefits include the upgrading of our previous telephone system. The ring increases the speed across telephone lines and decreases telephone bills. The ring is also improving our computer technology, as the "fiber backbone" is capable of transmitting over one hundred megabits of data per second. Additional equipment is being installed to take advantage of this impressive speed and connectivity.

The fiber optic ring joins every school district together so that our communication flows smoothly, efficiently, and economically. The ring will yield savings over $150,000 in telephone usage fees over a three-year period. "Freeport Public Schools are incorporating state-of-the-art technology while saving money," said Assistant Superintendent for Business Kishore Kuncham. "As we move forward into the new millennium, we are quite fortunate to have this opportunity and look forward to utilizing its full potential."