Electric Vehicles

As part of its ongoing commitment to initiatives promoting global sustainability, Freeport Electric has added 2 zero-emission, all electric Vantage "Greenvan" vans to its vehicle fleet in the incorporated Village of Freeport.

Reducing Village Emissions

Freeport's Mayor has set a goal to reduce fuel consumption and emissions across the Village's fleet, particularly in vehicles used exclusively in a low‐speed driving environment. "Using low‐speed electric vehicles, which operate primarily to read meters, perform maintenance and inspections, interact with customers for service calls or collections and inter‐office transportation within the residential community, will immediately bring a cost savings, as well as reduce carbon emissions," said former Freeport Electric Superintendent Anthony Fiore. "We've researched many electric vehicles, and we like the size, performance, range and quality of the new Vantage vehicle." The electric vans replaced two combustion‐engine vehicles that perform neighborhood‐related operations.
Electric Greenvan
Motorworks Clean Vehicles Inc. of Amityville, New York, a provider of economical, low‐speed transportation solutions for the greater New York metropolitan area, won the bid to supply the electric vans. "Our company is happy to work with the Village of Freeport to help meet its goals of reducing emissions across its fleet," said Gary Birke, president of Motorworks Clean Vehicles New York.

The electric vans cost $20,855 each and were paid for from Freeport Electric's energy efficiency account. They replaced a 1990 Celebrity station wagon and a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier.

Operating costs for the Vantage vans are estimated to be about 1/6 of an equivalently sized gasoline‐powered truck - without the tailpipe emissions or noise. The vehicle has a maximum range of up to 55 miles, at roughly $1.75 worth of electric power to recharge. A quick comparison to the replaced Cavalier - yearly gasoline cost for the Cavalier was $616 and the new electric van cost is estimated to be $63.