Refrigerators & Freezers


Keeping refrigerators too cold costs money. Proper temperatures are between 37° - 40°F for fresh food, and between 0° - 5°F for your freezer. One easy way to check is to put 1 thermometer in a glass of water in the center of the refrigerator, and another between packages in the freezer. Read them after 24 hours.

Refrigerator Doors

Fold a dollar bill and close the refrigerator door on it. If it slips out easily, the seal needs replacing. The interior temperature of the refrigerator can increase by 10°F each time you open the door.


Do it regularly. Frost makes refrigerators less efficient and spoils food quicker.

Cover & Wrap Food

Uncovered foods and liquids release moisture and drive up electricity costs.

Second Refrigerator

Think about whether you really need one or if it just stores a few 6-packs of beer or soda. Remember, it costs about $250 a year to keep around.

Buying a New Refrigerator

Check with the local weatherization office, you might qualify for a free replacement. Check with your appliance dealer about upcoming promotions on efficient refrigerators. The most efficient carry an Energy Star Label.