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Viewing and paying your bill online

Freeport Electric customers can now sign up to view their account information online. In order to register you must know your account number and have a valid phone number on file with Freeport Electric. Your account number can be obtained from your bill and your phone number is the number you provided when you signed up for electric service. If you do not have a phone number on file or if your number has changed you must contact our customer service office at 516-377-2262 and provide an updated one. Once registered you will be able to view your account information, elect to receive your bills in electronic format and sign up for direct pay or to pay your bill using a credit card. Please note: Credit card payments are not processed by Freeport and all credit card payments will incur a convenience fee.

*** If you are paying your account online to avoid
disconnect or to have power restored after disconnect
for non-payment you must contact us at 516-377-2262 after
a payment has been made. After hours you should call
516-378-0146. ***


Understanding your Electric bill

Freeport Electric is pleased to introduce its electric bill in a new format. This new format includes all the original information as well as some additional information to help our customers take an active role in energy consumption.

This new bill layout is the first of many steps Freeport Electric is taking to keep our customers informed about their electric accounts. We encourage you to visit this site for information about your Utility and steps you can take to conserve energy.

Managing Your Bill

Energy efficiency is the quickest, cleanest, and most economical way to reduce energy use and save money on your energy bill. This power point presentation is intended to provide information on the benefits of using energy efficient products. It will show the impact that energy consumption within our community creates from a financial and environmental perspective, and suggest ways that energy can be used more responsibly.

Helping Customers Manage High Bills

Your New Bill


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