1. Consumer's Guide (PDF)

    View and download our energy use consumer guide.

  2. Electrician's Phone List (PDF)

    View and download a phone list of local electricians.

  3. Freeport Electric Bids

    Find current bids and requests for bids from Freeport Electric.

  4. Freeport Electric Goes RP3 Platinum

    Freeport Electric has received national recognition for reliable electric operations.

  5. Freeport Schools Go Fiber

    Freeport has secured a fiber optic ring that allows for much greater transmission of information throughout the schools, is less expensive than the standard "T1 lines," and opens the door to utilizing the newest technology on the market.

  6. Payment Scam Warning (PDF)

    View and download our report warning Freeport Electric customers of the latest payment scam.

  7. Where Does Responsibility Lie (PDF)

    We are often asked by our customers, "Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the equipment that provided electricity to my home?" See our handout (PDF) for information.