Watts Up?

Nassau County Sales Tax

Beginning June 1, 2009, Freeport Electric is required to collect a 2.5% sales tax on all residential electric bills. Freeport Electric has no control over this Nassau County tax. This tax must be collected from our residential customers and all collected funds go to the County. The tax is based on the total dollar amount of the bill including the customer charge, consumption and Fuel Adjustment. If a rate modifier is in effect, the tax is calculated on the amount of the bill before the rate modifier is applied, much like you pay sales tax on the amount of the bill before any coupons are applied.

Tax exempt customers such as religious organizations will continue to be tax exempt. Commercial customers will continue to be taxed at the current 8.625% rate.

Under Nassau County Legislation, Freeport Electric is required to collect this tax for the County. Please call Nassau County for more details on this tax.

Hurricane Season - Outage Preparation

The Hurricane Season usually runs from June 1 through November 30 for the Atlantic states. You should take the following precautionary steps to help ensure your health and safety in the event of a storm.

Review your family's emergency plan to make sure it is up to date - include a family emergency meeting point in case your home is not accessible, the County's evacuation plan and where to relocate your pets.

Prepare for an Outage

  • Keep a battery operated radio, flashlight, supply of batteries, candles and matches on hand.
  • Maintain a supply of water, medications and foods that do not require refrigeration or cooking.
  • Keep a telephone on hand that does not need electricity to operate.
  • Have a list of emergency phone numbers.
  • Keep your vehicle at least half full of gas.
  • Have an alternative cooking source such as an outdoor grill or camp stove. Follow safety rules for use outside
  • the residence.
  • Consider buying a generator. Follow rules for use outside the residence.

Stay Safe

  • Keep as cool as possible, drink liquids and wear loose fitting clothes.
  • Watch out for heat stress (dizziness, nausea, headache, dry skin).

Damage Prevention

  • Refrigerator and freezer doors should be kept closed to prevent food from spoiling.
  • Handle dry ice with gloves to prevent skin damage.
  • Keep major appliances turned off to prevent damage when the power is restored.

Energy Tip

Lighting accounts for 10% - 15% of your home's electric use. New screw-in fluorescent bulbs can replace your incandescent bulbs and save you money. Fluorescent bulbs cost more but last up to 10 times longer. For optimal use, put the fluorescent bulb in a light that is left on for many hours. This could be a night-light or an outside light. Conserve energy and save money on your electric bill.
Superintendent Al Livingston Jr.
Superintendent of Electric Utilities, Al Livingston Jr.